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Beware of on-the-spot voting


County election officials want you to vote, and want you to know the right way to do it.  KWWL has gotten several reports about a man in neighborhoods telling people they can vote right on the spot, but those votes won't count.

Shirley Steen is 78 years old and has had hip and knee replacement surgery. Getting around for Steen isn't always easy, so when a man came to her door saying she could vote right then and there, she took him up on his offer.

"He asked if I had voted and I said 'No not yet,' and he said 'Would you like to vote now?' and I said yes and he gave me half a ballot and I checked off who I wanted to vote for and I gave it back to him. I said 'Are you going to take it and mail it or what?' he said he'd take care of it," said Steen.

Election officials in Black Hawk County say that vote isn't legal.

"It's pretty unique around here at least from what I've heard. I haven't heard of instances of people pretending they have actual ballots they hand to people to vote at their door step," said Black Hawk County Auditor Grant Veeder.

If you want to vote right now you can do so from home by requesting an absentee ballot and returning it to the court house. You can also vote at a satellite location or the courthouse, but if you vote any other way, your vote might not count.

"The person that is thinking they are voting because someone is handing them a ballot, they're not voting at all and so they need to make sure that if it happens to them they check with us and find out what their options are," said Veeder.

After Steen called the elections office and found out that her vote didn't count she is determined to make it to her polling place on Election Day.

"Yes I'm going to vote this year and yes it is disheartening because I really believe this boy or adult. I thought he was telling the truth and so I hope it doesn't happen to other people," said Steen.

It's not just older people being targeted. Several neighbors on Shirley Steen's street were approached for on-the-spot voting. Another person who fell for the fake vote was 26 years old.

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