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Wartburg Television and KWWL provide "Youth Vote" program


KWWL and Wartburg College are teaming up to bring you the program "Youth Vote."

It will air on KWWL 7.3 at nine in the morning.

The program produced by Wartburg Television is an effort to get high schools classrooms to watch and engage on some major issues dealing with today's younger generation.

"There is kind of that thought out there, Oh It doesn't really matter someone wins by millions of votes. Well there is a lot of votes it takes to get to that and those votes do count. So we are tempting to get youth to vote," said Kyle Palmolea, Wartburg Television

There will be representatives from both President Barack Obama's campaign and Governor Mitt Romney campaign there to answer questions. Ben Lang and a representative from Bruce Braley's campaign will also be on the program.

You can also watch and participate on the Wartburg Circuit. www.wartburgcircuit.org/youthvote

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