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People turn to a variety of media platforms for political coverage


With the election less than two weeks away, Americans are following the presidential campaign more closely on nearly every news platform. People are turning to the Internet more than ever before, but cable news is still the main resource for those looking for info on the campaign trail.

A new study by the PEW Research Center show more people are turning to the Internet but cable news is still king.

Orlyn Marks of Parkersburg likes to get his political news from the radio.

"There's good Christian radio and also good conservative talk shows to listen to," said Marks.

About 16 percent of the country agree with Marks. While a growing number, also 16 percent, agrees with Kristin Treichel who gets her news from social media like Facebook.

"It just pops up everywhere. Everybody has posts whether it's jokes or serious comments," said Treichel.

But 41 percent of Americans prefer to regularly turn to cable news like Sharon Adams of Waterloo.

"I just feel like fox news, I'm getting the truth and they just seem not to be biased. You get a lot more information," said Adams.

Anelia Dimitrova, a journalism professor and newspaper editor says what form of media a person turns to reflects their beliefs.

"I think people go there for reinforcement of their own beliefs. I think it's kind of comforting in a time of tumultuous developments when campaigns are moving at different paces. There is less than a couple of weeks before the election and so we think it's confusing to go to a place where you know exactly what you'll hear. It's like going to church," said Dimitrova.

About one in ten Americans or 12 percent regularly get their news from comedy programs. This includes The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, or The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Comedy programs are now on par with public radio and national newspapers.

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