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Athlete of the Week: Cal Petersen


Goaltender Cal Petersen has made the most of his opportunity with the Waterloo Black Hawks --

PK O'Handley said, "Cal has done everything in his power to become an elite goalie, and truthfully that's what he is."

Petersen -- in his first year on the full-time roster -- has given up just 2 goals in 2 starts this season -- and tallied a shutout his first time out on the ice this season --

PK  said, "Above all else his focus and competitiveness has really made a jump I think."

While Petersen looks like your typical Black Hawk goaltender, one thing makes him different. When the final buzzer sounds, Cal is the only player on this team who heads back to his own home when the night's over.

PK said, "I've always wanted a Waterloo player, but I wasn't going to do that just to say I had one. I think Cal is a great choice for the first one. He's earned it, he's done it the right."

Cal Petersen said  "I'm glad that it's all worked out, and really thankful that I have the opportunity to play in my hometown."

Petersen grew up in this building and on this sheet of ice. His parents are longtime season ticket holders, while Cal started here in pee wee hockey as well as the Waterloo Warrior junior varsity team, his goal was always to move from the locker room down the hall -- to this one.

Cal said  "It's a dream come true, and every time my name is called out for that starting line-up it's a really special thing."

Now, with one goal out of the way Petersen's dreams have evolved, and both he and head coach P-K O'Handley believe those dreams are in reach.

Cal said,  "My goal is definitely to play in the National Hockey League and to succeed , and I think this is one of the steps to do it."

PK  said,  "He's rated on the NHL Central Scouting list, and he and Eamon are both highly touted goalies in this league, and I think Cal Petersen's earned that."

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