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Iowa among top states for car/deer collision


Iowa is still one of the country's most dangerous states for motorists hitting a deer. Only in West Virginia and South Dakota are you more likely to do so.

Deery Collision Center in Cedar Falls has been busy the past couple of weeks as a number of cars have been towed in, but mangers say things could be busier.

"They're down about 30 percent but we're still seeing between 10 or 12 deer hits a week," said Collision Center Manager Glenn Hulbert.

The early harvest and the hot dry summer have made deer unpredictable as they look for food and shelter. In the end experts say it's the "rut" or their mating season that is really motivating them and causing them to cross so many roads.

Chris Anderson, a naturalist at Hartman Nature Reserve in Cedar Falls says deer move more when the weather changes, but when mating season begins deer just aren't thinking clearly.

"The changing in our weather from nice days to warm days to cold days that causes them to move more, but the biggest part of it is it's just their mating season called the ‘rut'. There are just lots of hormones so the deer start to get a lot more active," said Anderson.

All that activity can end up being very costly for Iowa drivers.

"Your average deer hit is between $3,000 and $5,000. We have two cars that are total losses. So you can go up from there," said Hulbert.

According to insurance experts in Iowa the chance of a motorist hitting a deer in the coming year is about one in 72.

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