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UPDATE: UNI guardsmen will see no impact on their grades


Two members of the National Guard who filed grievances with the University of Northern Iowa after being told they couldn't make up a test they missed due to guard duty, say their grades will not be negatively impacted.

James Roethler and Dustin Hiller say a psychology exam was originally scheduled for Wednesday, October 17, but Dr. Cathy DeSoto moved it to Friday, October 19.  Roethler and Hiller say they then asked if they could make up the exam because they had a four-day guard drill that would force them to miss the test.

When DeSoto told the men they couldn't make up the test, they filed formal grievances with the school.

UNI's student policies allow professors to determine if the purpose of missing a class is "reasonable".  Military service is included as a request that can be considered reasonable, but it's not mandatory.

Roethler says his professor does offer the chance to drop one test during the semester, but he didn't want to use that option now, in case he gets sick or has another training this fall that would also cause him to miss a test. 

As he put it, "I didn't want to drop the test because I shouldn't have to."

Roethler says the grievance committee met on Monday, and while the results of the meeting are confidential, he says there will be no negative impact on his or Heller's grades.

Roethler also says UNI is working on changing the policy for National Guard soldiers.

Roethler wanted to let the public know that he disagrees with the threats that Dr. DeSoto is receiving and says he wishes no harm on her.  He says he was more worried about getting the policy changed than he was the decision by Dr. DeSoto. 

You can view the university's attendance and make-up work policies here: http://www.uni.edu/policies/306

The policy for filing a grievance can be found here: http://www.uni.edu/policies/1201


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