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Cedar Rapids greets Mitt Romney

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We may have seen the last of the presidential debates, but here in Eastern Iowa, the political rhetoric isn't going anywhere just yet.

Both campaigns are now ramping up the intensity two weeks out from the election.

Tuesday, constant lines filled the Romney Victory office in Cedar Rapids as supporters waited to get their hands on tickets to Wednesday night's Romney rally at Landmark Aviation in Cedar Rapids.

It's Governor Romney's first visit to Cedar Rapids this general election campaign. 

"It is exciting to see him in person, and we're just hoping he gets elected as president," said Elaine Pearson of Cedar Rapids, who will be attending Wednesday's rally.

Pearson already knows she's voting for Romney.  She hopes his visit here will help his efforts in winning the state.

"I'm looking to see more people get to see him and get enthusiastic about him becoming our next president," Pearson said.

Workers spent the day preparing the Landmark Aviation hangar for crowds that could exceed one thousand people.

On Wednesday people waited for hours to get a glimpse of Mitt Romney in person.

His speech lasted about 20 minutes, but from farmers to college students it wasn't the length of the speech that mattered.

They just wanted to see the man they believe will be the next president.

Romney shared his vision for America in front of more than one thousand Iowans.

"The Americans want a different course for this nation and they recognize that the path the president's put us on is very different from the path Paul Ryan and I are going to put this country on," said Romney. 

The future is exactly what the many college students in the crowd were worried about.

They want Romney elected because they think he'll create the jobs the students will soon be looking for.

"I think his five step plan is a really good thing to create 12 million jobs, so I believe in that," said Eric Woodraska, a University of Iowa Sophomore.

Older members of the audience also think the Romney Ryan five point plan will move the country forward.

"I think he'll fix the economy because he's a businessman," said Wayne Rosauer,  Dysart.  "I think he has to be the answer."

The five point plan calls for cutting spending, championing small businesses, creating job training benefits, and increasing trade.

"Trade is good for Iowa," said Romney.  "Trade is to sell our goods and services around the world. I want to open up more trade around the world."

The final part of the Romney Ryan plan is utilizing American made energy.

However, on Wednesday Romney did not address the future of wind energy, which employs thousands of Iowans.

That might have to wait until his next Iowa visit-- which by the way-- will be a visit to Ames on Friday.

In polls done by Public Policy Polling in the last week, one showed the president ahead by one point and the other had Romney ahead by one.

Just last month the president was ahead by seven points here in Iowa.

President Obama was also in Iowa Wednesday, at a campaign event in Davenport.


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