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Matt Reisetter files ethics complaint against Sen. Jeff Danielson

Matt Reisetter Matt Reisetter
Jeff Danielson Jeff Danielson

Matt Reisetter, Republican candidate for Iowa Senate District 30, has filed an ethics complaint against his opponent, incumbent Democratic Senator Jeff Danielson.

Reisetter's campaign alleges that although Iowa's law against accepting contributions from corporations is clear and well-known, the Danielson campaign's July disclosure report lists a contribution from KJ's Ventures, Inc., a corporation based in Nebraska.  The campaign's disclosure reports indicate that the contribution has not been returned as of October 14, the closing date of the most recent reporting period.

"Senator Danielson has a troubled history when it comes to campaign finance reports. In the closing days of the 2008 campaign, Danielson sent a mail piece falsely accusing the campaign of Walt Rogers, his opponent at the time and now a State Representative, of bouncing a check. The error-laden mailing's accusation was exposed as false in an election-day story in the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier," a statement from Reisetter's campaign manager said.

KWWL talked to Sen. Jeff Danielson about the allegations. 

"It's unfortunate that Matt Reisetter has chosen to use the oldest trick in the book--bringing up unproven, unfounded charges to smear my reputation in the last two weeks of the campaign," Danielson said.

Senator Danielson continued to say that in Reisetter's attempt to do mud slinging, he believes that a small business owner is being undeservedly dragged into the middle of a political fight.  He says the contribution in question was from an individual, who is a small business owner, and that there was a clerical reporting error that listed the person's business, not his name. 

"This was always understood as an individual contribution, and we are correcting the clerical error.  Keep in mind, this is only a claim by my opponent, and the ethics board will do its job," Danielson said.



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