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SYSK: Colton Utley cheers on the Chickasaws


Colton Utley gives high fives as the New Hampton football players prepare to take the field each Friday night.

"The football team has just embraced him to no end," said teacher Sandra Russ.

Even though Colton, who has down syndrome, won't join the team on the field...

"He's apart of the team," said Russ.

During each game, Colton is right near the action, cheering loudly. One of his jobs is to get the crowd fired up.

"He feeds off us, and we feed off him, too," said Leighton Gaul.

Fellow student Leighton Gaul nominated Colton as "Someone You Should Know."

"I think he brings out the best of the student body in New Hampton. He just gets everybody in a good mood and makes everybody smile," said Gaul.

When the Chickasaws score a touchdown, Colton runs a flag in front of the stands.

"That's fun," said Colton Utley.

Besides running the flag, he's watching the action and dancing.

"How are the Chickasaws doing? Good. You think you're part of that? Oh yeah. Me too," said Colton Utley.

Colton's teacher, Sandra Russ, said all the students at New Hampton High School have embraced him and treat him like any other student.

"He's loved by a lot of kids," said Russ.

Since Colton is a junior this year, he plans to be right near the sidelines next year.

Fans know, football games wouldn't be the same without Colton and his contagious smile and positive attitude.

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