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Drought forces Belle Plaine to look to 25 year old water supply


Many in Belle Plaine are hoping the recent rain spells relief.

"I don't wish this on any other small town," said Belle Plaine mayor Dave Fish.

The summer's drought has taken its toll on the town's water supply.
The five shallow wells supplying the town have been running low for months, triggering a call to conserve water back in July.  It's likely those restrictions will continue all the way through winter.

"Once the snow starts flying, that snow does not fill the water table at all, unless it slow melts," Fish said. 

Officials say the conservation efforts are helping to some degree.  Belle Plaine residents have cut their water usage by at least 15 percent since the summer months.

"I'm doing my part. I'm trying to conserve my water," said resident Theresa Polton.

It's evident to many living here that the water supply is still low.

"Usually the filtered water tastes real good, but it seems like lately, it must be getting down to the bottom of the well," Polton said. 

The backup option is one many hope to not have to resort to.
The Belle Plaine city council voted Monday to rehab an old sixth well to have it ready in case it is needed.   The old artesian well hasn't been used since 1988, and while the water is safe to drink, to many, it's not appealing.

"Artesian water has got more minerals in it.  It's a harder water.  It has a higher iron content. It doesn't taste quite the same," Fish said. 

Rehabbing of the artesian well will begin October 22.  The process is expected to take about a week.

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