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Confirmed cases of pertussis in Hudson


Two confirmed cases of pertussis or whooping cough have been reported in Hudson.

Health officials believe nearly 40 people in town have been exposed.

Dr. James Selenke is a family physician in Hudson. He says he has been getting dozens of phone calls from concerned parents.

As a precaution, Selenke has ordered more of the pertussis vaccination.

Pertussis is a disease caused by bacteria causing severe spells of coughing. It is know as the whooping cough because of the whooping sound that is made when gasping for air.

Pertussis can be very contagious if in contact with someone who has it.

"Because it spreads when someone sneezes or coughs in a room. The bacteria is on those droplets and anybody who is in close contact with that inhales it in and of course they can get Pertussis," said Selenke.

Selenke suggests getting a vaccination. 

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