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SYSK: Travis Moeller plays the keyboard with one functional hand

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31-year-old Travis Moeller of Readlyn loves playing the keyboard. He remembers his mom giving him piano lessons years ago.

"When I was little," said Travis Moeller.

When Travis six years old he was in a car accident and suffered a closed head injury. He went through years of physical therapy. He needs a wheelchair to get around and only has use of one hand, but that doesn't stop him from playing the keyboard.

"What do people say to you, what do they think of your music? Wow," said Moeller.

Some of Travis's favorite songs to play are Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells and Silent Night.

Travis is practicing Christmas songs in preparation for his own Christmas concert at North Star Community Services in Waverly.

At North Star, which serves adults with disabilities, Travis works with Raymond Dixon.

Travis plays the keyboard using numbers instead of notes, and it's Ray Dixon who writes out all the numbers for him and helps him practice.

"Travis never gives up at anything he does. He's a go-getter," said Ray Dixon.

Ray Dixon said Travis is an inspiration to the other clients at North Star. They see Travis playing the keyboard well, and they want to work harder, too.

Besides playing the keyboard, Travis enjoys competing in the Special Olympics and spending time in the garden helping his mom weed. But when he's not outside, you'll find him at the keyboard practicing.

Travis Christmas concert is scheduled for the middle of December. He's also performing during a North Star production on October 23rd.

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