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Auditor releases report on New Hampton Municipal Light Plant


Auditor David A. Vaudt has released the results of a special investigation into the New Hampton Municipal Light Plant.

According to Vaudt, a special investigation was conducted after it was learned that money from the sale of scrap metal was given to employees rather than deposited.  Vaudt says $64,926.73 was either undeposited or improperly disbursed between January 1, 2001 and May 31, 2012.

The undeposited collections includes $55,085.75 from the sale of scrap metal, $3,669.00 of cash found in the office of the Light Plant's former General Manager, Brian Geschke, and $5,755.00 sent to Geschke by the North Iowa Municipal Electric Cooperative Association

Vaudt says the remaining $416.98 was improper disbursements.  That includes $257.98 of hotel charges, $123.00 of rental car fees and $36.00 of airport parking fees for three days during trips to Florida and California when Geschke was not attending conferences or traveling to or from the conference location.

Vaudt says that it's not possible to determine if additional money was not properly deposited because records were not available.

Vaudt has recommended that the Light Plant strengthen internal controls and overall operations, such as requiring adequate documentation to support collections, requiring all collections be deposited with the City Clerk and implementing procedures to track the weight and value of scrap metal before it's sold.

The Chickasaw County Attorney has referred the case to the Floyd County Attorney's Office.  Floyd County Attorney Normand Klemesrud say he has read the report is determining if any criminal charges should be filed, and who they should be filed against.

He expects to have his evaluation completed in two weeks.

To read Vaudt's full report, visit

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