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VP candidates to debate on foreign and domestic issues


Coming off the heels of the presidential debate where many felt President Obama had a lackluster performance, it's time for Vice President Joe Biden to have his debate with Congressman Paul Ryan.

According to University of Iowa Professor Tim Hagle, Democrats want Biden to make up ground without being too aggressive.

His years of political experience could help.

"He's seen to some extent as a foreign policy expert given his years in the Senate," said Hagle, Associate Professor of Political Science.  "Some of the things that are happening in the Middle East and particularly what's happening, what's going on in Benghazi, that may come up."

While last week the presidential candidates focused solely on domestic issues, the vice presidential candidates only have one debate so they're expected to hit foreign and domestic issues.

For Ryan, it's a chance to talk numbers.

"You want to see him talking about the budget, talking about the economy, what we need to do to fix the debt, the deficit, but in particular what's going to happen when Medicaid/care and social security," said Hagle.

How important is the vice presidential debate to the overall scheme of the campaign? Traditionally, only about 25 percent of Americans watch."

"I already have other plans and I think I already know their, each president's core beliefs," said Joey Feeney, University of Iowa Sophomore.

According to Hagle, it's just important that Biden and Ryan don't make big mistakes.

 "There are memorable moments in vice presidential debates but for the most part they don't seem to have a great effect," said Hagle.

But Hagle added that a poor performance by either candidate would put more pressure on their running mate going into next week's presidential debate.

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