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Disability Awareness Summit held at UNI


The Americans with Disabilities Act moved the country forward for the millions who suffer from a disability. That work, however, is not finished.

On Wednesday the University of Northern Iowa held a Disability Awareness Summit. Representatives from all three state universities met at the Commons on the UNI campus.

The event was held to promote disability awareness, understanding, and inclusion. The topics discussed included employee wellness, accessible technology, and universal design.

"The Americans with Disabilities Act, that has really helped to increase access for individuals with disabilities, but there still a long ways for us to come and so that's what the purpose of today's event is to understand where have we come and where do we still need to go," said Ashley Brickley, the Coordinator for Student Disability Services at UNI.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau about one in five Americans suffer from a disability. That's about 56.7 million people or about 19 percent of the population.

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