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Debate means little to those voting early


Iowa voters get their first chance to see the major candidates for president. The first presidential debate is in Denver Colorado Wednesday night. How the candidates perform could influence a number of undecided voters.

While it used to be all about Election Day, now more and more people are choosing to vote by absentee ballot.

In Black Hawk County, election officials are dealing with a record number of absentee ballots and the first verbal punch has yet to be thrown.

In Black Hawk County there were almost 13,500 absentee ballots requested. The number of active and inactive voters in the county is around 88-thousand-eight-hundred. That means roughly 15 percent of voters could already have cast their vote before the first debate.

Election officials say they are trying to make things more convenient for voters. People can vote anytime during business hours at the courthouse. Satellite offices will also be open for voting periodically up until Election Day. Those we talked to at the courthouse say the answer is simple, they already have their minds made up.

"I've watched a few debates before, but there are certain things why I cast my vote for which I did. There are certain views that I agree with and that makes a difference in my vote," said Waterloo voter, Sajra Vunic.

"I probably will watch some of it although I already know which direction I'm going to go," said another Waterloo voter, Linda Eighme.

If you are looking to vote early at one of the satellite locations in Black Hawk County, we have put that schedule on our website. Just go to the links section of the blue box and find the location and date that best works for you.

In Black Hawk County the majority of absentee ballots have been requested by Democrats with 7,600. Republicans have only requested around 2,300 and those with no party affiliation are right around 3,400.


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