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Political ads courting young mothers miss the facts


The battle for the presidency is now taking aim at young mothers. Both the Obama and Romney campaigns have recently put out commercials trying to persuade woman voters, but in many of these ads the truth is being stretched.

The Obama campaign has come out with this ad introducing us to a hardworking mother named Christie. In the ad it says middle class moms like Christie would be stretched because of Romney's tax cuts for millionaires.

The fact is Romney has never said specifically where he would make his cuts and at what level of income would be impacted.

The Romney campaign put together an ad talking directly to a baby girl. It says her share of Obama's $16 trillion debt is $50,000.

The national debt was at $10.6 trillion when Obama took office.

Political experts say these ads want you to feel something and not fact check.

"If you have young women, young working moms, that's more of an emotional appeal and voters certainly don't go to the polls and weigh the pros and cons of policy detail. They're going to the polls with some sort of narrative in mind and an emotional narrative is much easier to remember than some sort of cost benefit analysis about a particular policy," said KWWL Political Analyst, Chris Larimer.

Super PACS are also getting into the act. One in support of Romney put out an ad showing a woman running with her child in stroller. She says she is running from the problems President Obama has caused.

With a month left before the election, Larimer says there will be even more attack ads on the way. He says you can expect see ads based on the upcoming debates soon. Some he says, may just take statements from the candidates out of context.

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