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Iowa's Secretary of State wants $280,000 to help eliminate voter fraud


 Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz wants to eliminate voter fraud through data found on a federal immigration database.

He's willing to spend about $280,000 to sift through that database and investigate voter fraud, but that's not the only thing causing a stir in the voter I.D. debate.

Secretary Schultz wants Iowans to show a photo I.D. when they head to the polls.

He says requiring a photo I.D. will help deter voter fraud and keep Iowans honest when they cast their ballots.

Tuesday at a UNI panel discussion, many challenged Schultz.

Opponents believe the requirement would actually suppress voter turnout since not everyone can afford a government issued photo I.D.

Others believe he's finding a solution to a problem that doesn't even exist, but Secretary Schultz says providing a photo I.D. is a necessary requirement to make sure Iowans are honest at the polls.

"It's about making sure that people aren't cheating and closing a loophole," Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz said. "If you have to show an I.D. before you get on an airplane, before you open a checking account, and even to buy a beer, why not when you vote?"

Secretary Schultz says at least 30 states already have some sort of voter I.D. laws in place.

He says providing an I.D. at the polls is a balancing act between voter rights and voter integrity while others believe he's just interfering with our fundamental right to vote.

Secretary Schultz says the debate over whether to show a photo I.D. is a non-partisan issue, saying photo identification would be available free of charge for those who couldn't afford to buy one.

Just last week, three people in Council Bluffs were charged with election misconduct.  Two Canadian nationals and a Mexican national registered to vote in Iowa and vote in at least one election.

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