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UPDATE: Evansdale Four Queens employees stop robbery suspect

Richard Earl Roney Richard Earl Roney

Evansdale police credit employees at the Four Queens Dairy Store for subduing a robbery suspect on Thursday night.

"I don't know what's wrong with people sometimes," said Brandan Gute, Four Queens Owner.

Gute was getting ready to close when an unpleasant visitor arrived at his store just before nine Thursday night. 

"I came walking around the corner and here Jamie, who works for us, is standing there and there is a masked man standing there," said Gute.

Police say that man was Richard Roney who walked into the ice cream store through the back door and was holding an explosive device.

"I said 'What do you think you're doing here?' and he asked me 'Do you want to die?'' said Gute.

As Gute tried to escort Roney out of the store, Roney tried to free his hands to light the explosive.

"I said 'You need to be going off the premises my friend,' and he asked if I wanted to die," said Gute.

Gute then tackled Roney, holding him until police arrived.

The only other person in the building was a 16-year-old employee of Four Queens.

"It's not right to put kids through things like that. We have enough things with kids in this area," said Gute.

Gute did go to the hospital for minor injuries, but he is certainly glad everyone is ok.

"That's the important thing everyone is ok,"said Gute, "I just did what I was suppose to do."

Roney is charged with first degree robbery and assault while participating in a felony. The explosive device he was carrying has been sent to the state crime lab to be examined.

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