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Health Plus: Midwives delivering more babies locally


Nearly one out of ten babies in the U.S. is reportedly delivered by a midwife.

That means parents are choosing a specially-trained registered nurse over a doctor to bring their bundle of joy into the world.

When Deanna and Dejuan Hasley were expecting their first child, they didn't expect a midwife would be delivering her.  But the Waterloo couple felt Covenant's Prenatal and Women's Health Clinic offered a unique experience to use one.

"They actually sat in the delivery room with us and chatted with the family. They weren't just in and out," said Deanna.

"Like my wife said, they really made us feel at home and they were really friendly with us and welcomed us here in the hospital and they were by our side through the whole time," said Dejuan.

The number of U.S. babies delivered by midwives is at an all-time high.

"We are nurses first and so we try to develop a really close bond with the patient and take a look at the patient as a whole," said Erin Lavin, a Certified Nurse Midwife.

But what about the risks associated with delivery without the presence of a doctor?

"We work closely with a group of physicians so if we have any problems that develop during pregnancy or during labor and delivery we have a group that we can call that will come oversee us if need be," she said.

Parents like the Hasley's say it's an option worth considering.

"They felt like family.  They were really by our side the whole time. Like I said, if there were any questions we had they just really set us in our comfort zone," said Dejuan.

"My best friend was in the delivery room and she already had two kids and I think she was really impressed with the midwife and the connection that she tried to make with the family and the friends that were there," said Deanna.

Midwives are different from doulas because they are specially-trained registered nurses who actually deliver the baby, not just assist with the birth.

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