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Money crafts and activities more than fun and games


Nine year old Brandon Zehr wants to buy a new Wii or Nintendo DS.

He's been saving for a couple of weeks and has $15 in the piggy bank, and a long way to go until he earns the money for his new game system.

"He needs to learn that things don't just come from trees or from anywhere else but that by saving and earning his way to those things that's how you get those items," saidMyron Zehr, Brandon's Father.

Sunday, Brandon learned a bit more about saving at the Iowa Children's Museum in Coralville.

As a part of Financial Literacy Day, kids played games and made crafts while learning more about coins and dollars.

"If you keep adding up the money, you get like so much money that you can buy something," said Brandon.

Museum staff members created all kinds of activities for kids, from make your own piggy banks to learning how many nickels, dimes, and quarters go in a dollar.

"Instead of sitting down and saying this is a quarter, this is worth 25 cents, they're learning through games," saidJessica Palmer, Playologist.  "Four quarters equals a dollar. If you have four of these things, it equals one of these bigger things."

Financial Literacy Day wasn't just for the kids.

It was sponsored by College Savings Iowa 529 Plan, a division of the state treasurer's office.

They were there to remind parents that while their kids are little, saving for college should start now.

"If you just start putting away a little now, it can grow into a larger amount by the time they get there instead of being a huge chunk that right away families aren't able to pay for," said Alicia Ronne.

At the museum, College Savings Iowa 529 was offering parents a chance to win a $5290 savings account.

College is still a long way off for Brandon.  For now, he's still got his eye on his a gaming system.


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