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UNI Profile: Carlos Anderson Panther Football


Carlos Anderson has enjoyed a career in the spotlight at UNI. And this year, Carlos is ready to step into even bigger shoes, as one of four team captains for the Panthers.

Carlos Anderson said, "It's one of the biggest accomplishments I've had in my football career, period, was to be voted captain of my college team by my teammates."

Todd Blythe, UNI Running Backs Coach said, "I just tell him, you know, be positive all the time, work as hard as you can, do everything the right way; and he has, he's been an unbelievable leader for us."

Through his successes though, Anderson's faith is what has helped keep him grounded.

"Without God, nothing would be possible. He's the man that allows us to play this great game every day, so when I'm out on that field and I get down or something like that, I just know that at some point, it's going to be over for everybody, football-wise; so it's not a huge deal, nothing to stress about, but I just thank God for giving me the grace to play this game."

"He's definitely a man with a plan. He knows where he wants to get, and he knows how to get there. He's doing everything to reach his goals and live his life the right way, so it's very impressive."

And Carlos has also shown a sensitive side, as he recently proposed to his girlfriend of over three years.

"So I sat her down where I first met her, and she was on the computer, messing with facebook or something, and I came around, got on my knee, and she started crying, and it was a pretty magical moment," he said.

Come next June, Carlos will be forced to relinquish the spotlight to his blushing bride. But Anderson isn't worried about any wedding planning getting in the way of his senior season.

"She gets to do most of the planning. I told her, 'I got you the ring, so you can pretty much do the planning and everything else, whatever dates you pick or wherever you pick to do it at is fine with me," he said.

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