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Iowans react to deaths in Libya


Tuesday's events in Libya have many people across the country, including those in eastern Iowa, speaking up. They are emphasizing that these actions are not representative of Muslims or protests in northern Africa.

Muslims in the Cedar Valley say they disapprove of such actions in Libya and Egypt and it is a tragic situation that can't be explained. They also say violence has no place in religion and is not part of their Muslim faith.

It's news that has gotten reaction across the globe. Many people condemning the actions of those who caused the death of the U.S. officials in Libya.

Senator Charles Grassley says the country should have done more to protect the embassy.

"Under international law each country is supposed to protect the embassies of other countries so international law was violated. It probably wasn't violated by the government of Libya, but by people who within Libya, but Libya is obviously responsible because Libya wasn't doing an adequate job of protection," said Grassley.

UNI Assistant Professor, Lindsay Cohn has studied international relations, international security, U.S. foreign policy, as well as terrorism. She says what happened was not a normal protest in the middle east. She says protestors don't bring rocket propelled grenade launchers to a demonstration.

"So it's highly likely that there was a plan by a small group perhaps Al Qaeda affiliated, perhaps not, in retaliation for American actions in Libya during the revolution," said Cohn.

Cohn also says these types of demonstrations have a way of spreading through the Middle East.

"The main concern that I have is these kind of demonstrations spreading and endangering other Americans in the region and endangering any efforts we might be making towards, for example, the stabilization of Syria. I mean we have Americans working with Syrians right now. Mostly outside of Syria, but training them in how to do local administration and things like that. Those Americans are in danger now," said Cohn.

The last U.S. ambassador to die while on duty was Adolph Dubs in 1979. He was the ambassador to Afghanistan.

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