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Numerous UI Students cited for jaywalking


Early afternoon on the University of Iowa campus is never a difficult time to spot jaywalkers.

"We're rushing to class and we really don't want to wait especially if there's no cars coming," said University of Iowa student Brianna Tan.

Many of these students were surprised when they saw an officer enforcing what is often viewed as a nitpicking offense.

"I actually watched somebody get a ticket last week. She didn't really know what she was doing wrong, I don't think. But they pulled her over and got a ticket," said UI sophomore Vannessa Ginther.

"If you're driving it's pedestrians first.  It's a college town, not a town where a lot of people are driving," said UI student Andrew Failor.

Police say jaywalking and crossing against a traffic signal are common infractions on campus in Iowa City.

One day last week, one officer felt the circumstances warranted writing more than 20 citations.

"We don't have a campaign going on jaywalking that's for certain, but I think one officer felt for certain based on what he could see, it was time to write people up for jaywalking," said Chuck Green, director of the University of Iowa public safety

Crackdown or not, students have gotten wind of the officer's efforts.

If nothing else, the potential of receiving a $90 ticket is making some think twice about crossing against the signal.

"If it gets the message across to people that this is a safety concern, and to walk with the light, to walk in the proper walkways, then I think it can enhance everyone's safety," Green said.


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