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SYSK: Revolving Closet in Independence


Donated items are now for sale at discounted prices at Revolving Closet in Independence. The non-profit store is operated by Lizz Cabalka. She came up with the idea about six years ago after having knee surgery.

"I was confined to the couch for six weeks, and in that time I had a vision come to me and this is a small part of the start," said Lizz Cabalka.

Working with her church, Holy Spirit Ministries, Lizz developed the idea for this store. Then another church in town, St. James, offered to help too by providing space in the back basement of the church.

"Pretty much any clothing item anybody wants to give, we'll take," said Cabalka.

Revolving Closet serves hundreds of families, including Kim Coffelt and her children.

"I have a boy who can go through clothes like nothing and shoes," said Kim Coffelt.

Coffelt has visited the store a few times, and she'll be back.

"We like it. The kids like the clothes here," said Coffelt.

From January to July of 2012, Revolving Closet has sold more than 1700 adult items, more than 1400 children's items and nearly 600 miscellaneous items.

Anyone who brings proof of receiving aid from another agency is eligible for more reduced prices. Cabalka said she's willing to work with almost anyone, even someone just passing through town.

"One winter I had a gentleman referred by another agency, and we were able to give him a snowsuit and boots to keep moving," said Cabalka.

The store is also open to the public with all the money going back to keep the non-profit running for those who need it.

"For a lot of people it's more than coming in and getting clothes or little household things. It's come in and say pray for me or I've got this going on in my life. It's a relationship, too," said Lizz Cabalka.

Besides the clothing store, Lizz Cabalka hopes to expand with a transitional housing unit, a free or reduced rate daycare and a meal kitchen. She's not sure when all that will happen, but she sees it her mission to continue helping as many people as possible.

Revolving Closet is open Tuesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Thursdays from 1 to 5 p.m. It's located behind the post office in Independence.

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