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Local campaigns ramp-up volunteer efforts Saturday


This weekend, political campaigns are ramping up their volunteer efforts. Democrats call it the Weekend of Action, Republicans title it Super Saturday. Whatever you call it, both parties plan to keep the momentum going right up until Election Day.

Pat Harper is a long-time campaign volunteer. Knocking on doors is her favorite way to help Democrats win in November.

"I've done thousands of doors. There's something about it that's just more compelling for me than phoning or maybe some of the behind the scenes," said Harper.

When they answer, she asks if they're voting, and of course, who they support for President.

Of course, there are other candidates on the ballot. Some of the local races are just as contentious as the race for the White House, and Republicans hope that works in their favor.

"Romney's going to grab hold of our coattails and we're going to grab hold of his. And we're all going to pull in the same direction," said Garland "Mac" McDonald, GOP Chair for Black Hawk County.

Black Hawk County Republicans opened their new headquarters Saturday. It's ground zero for local city, state, and congressional campaigns.

"We've opened the office five days a week, toward the end of the month we'll go six, seven days a week. All volunteer, nobody's paid. The enthusiasm in Black Hawk County is at a fever-pitch," said McDonald.

For both parties, the coming weeks will require help from hundreds of volunteers. It's a big undertaking, but Harper believes the efforts will pay off on election day.

"It's always exciting. I always think an election is more fun than Christmas!"

This weekend, Democrats and Republicans are also working to register people to vote, and reminding them that they can vote early. Absentee ballots in Iowa are available beginning September 27th.

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