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SYSK: 4-H member starts Cedar Falls Community Gardens


Produce is now plentiful at the Cedar Falls Community Gardens thanks largely to 13-year-old Wes Gitta. Three years ago, he proposed the idea of starting a community garden because he enjoyed gardening but didn't have a lot of space at home.

"I've heard about this before to have community gardens so anyone like me who has a tiny yard can grow things," said student Wes Gitta.

"We had a patio garden in containers and as Wes put it, we had too little garden and too much shade," said Dad Joe Gitta.

Wes's dad said he was interested in gardening from a young age.

"He was fascinated how you could take a little tiny seed, eat it, get more seeds and plant again," said Joe Gitta.

The eighth grader's idea has grown into 80 different plots located along Lincoln Street in Cedar Falls.

Four of the plots are maintained by the Lucky Hawks 4-H Club. The 4-H members donate the produce to the Northeast Iowa Food Bank. Besides those plots, Wes also works on his own 10' by 20' plot.

"My favorite part is eating the produce," said Wes Gitta.

After three years, Wes Gitta is still excited each spring to get back into the garden and start growing produce -- even if it means weeding and watering, too.

"We asked him if he got tired of it and he emphatically said no," said Joe Gitta.

The Gittas even started a greenhouse in their backyard where they grow seeds during the winter before transplanting them into the community gardens.

Wes Gitta proves having a small yard doesn't mean you can't have a green thumb.

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