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UNI freshman works as page at Republican National Convention


When you watch the Republican National Convention on television, you may not realize that, running around between the delegates and politicians, is a small team of young adults. This year, University of Northern Iowa student Collin Brecher was lucky enough to be one of them.

"The pages, all 100 of us, put in a 15 hour day at the convention center. Which was a long one, especially on the feet! Everyone was hurting by the end of the night," said Brecher.

For this college freshman, the excitement of working in the midst of national leaders drowned out any sore feet.

"It's almost unbelievable. Being able to watch it on TV and being able to be there is completely different. It's just electrifying," said Brecher.

Brecher met a slew of politicians, including Speaker of the House John Boehner. But he, like most of the country, was most looking forward to hearing Mitt Romney, and his wife Ann, address the convention. Brecher said, Romney didn't disappoint.

"You really got a true sense of what he was. Especially when Ann was talking, of what he was about. And I really felt the emotion that he was trying to get across," said Brecher.

It's a perspective he wishes more Americans, young people in particular, could experience.

"It really does a great job to show you how important the events are for either party to get excited about the government and excited about voting," Brecher said.

Even though Brecher was there to hob nob with the nation's top politicians, he said they were just as interested in what he had to say.

"I'm in the generation now where, we're the future leaders and we're the ones that are going to be leading the country soon. Kids don't realize it, but we have a lot more say and a lot more influence than we think we do," said Brecher.

Brecher is planning to major in economics at U.N.I. He said he plans to go into the private sector when he graduates, but is not ruling out a future career in politics.

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