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Boat docks to add recreation & economic opportunities in Waterloo


The look of Waterloo's riverfront continues to undergo a major renovation. The latest addition ma be a series of boat docks along the Cedar River downtown.

Jane and Tom Shey are among many families who now find themselves in downtown Waterloo on a regular basis.

"Oh, probably three, four times a week," said Jane Shey

The Riverfront Renaissance Project has added several activities on the shore and on the river.

"I've been over to the dock over there and put in on, so, yeah, I'd use it," said Tom Shey.

Waterloo's business leaders, and city officials, are adding the next layer to the river renovation.

"We have a pool of water here because of the dam, so to accommodate people, we've always had in mind to put docks along the river," said Waterloo Mayor Buck Clark.

The benefits of the docks go far beyond the river. The goal is for boaters or kayakers to spend the day on the water, but also come up and enjoy downtown Waterloo.

"Tie up and walk up to East 4th Street or West 4th Street to any number of restaurants or establishments to get a hamburger and something to drink during the day," said Clark.

The docks are only a piece of the final plan.

"At Some point we'll have a marina which will provide gasoline, boat rental, provide boat storage," said Clark. "We are no where near done with our river and the upgrades that are coming to the river."

The Shey family notes, the developments are already bringing more people downtown, and that's good for everyone in Waterloo -- whether you plan to dock your boat or not.

"It should be something to be proud of for Waterloo. It definitely is," said Jane.

Waterloo's boat dock plans are a welcome addition to the Cedar Valley's extensive water trail system. Click here for a downloadable map is courtesy of the Cedar Trails Partnership.

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