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Goose hunting in North Liberty?


David Johnson lives near Penn Prairie Pond in North Liberty.  Because there are aerators in the water, it doesn't freeze during winter.  That caused many geese to spend time there last year.

"They were a nuisance because they would have their waste and the noise and things like that," said Johnson.  "There's an overabundance of geese here in the ponds in the North Liberty area."

To help solve that problem, the city council has allowed goose hunting since 2003.  But the ordinance was accidentally removed from the books when the city code was readopted in 2010.  Due to growth in the city, the council fears allowing goose hunting to continue could be a safety issue.

"We've had public comment on it and firing off a rifle in the middle of town is something that gets peoples' attention," said Chris Hoffman, City Councilman.

The North Liberty City Council asked the Iowa Department of Natural Resources what some of their options were to help control the geese population.

"Some of the things we first look at is habitat manipulation, creating situations that the geese just don't want to use," said Bill Bunger, Depredation Officer.

The DNR says there's also some legal harassment that can be done, and hunting is also a solution.  With guidelines it can be safer and would mean less geese in Penn Prairie Pond.

"I really think it's an OK thing for the hunters in the area," said Bob Reynolds, who also lives near the pond.  "We have a lot of geese that have a tendency to meander across the street here because there's residents out here that like to feed the geese. I hate to see that population decrease."

The city council is waiting for a formal list of ideas from the DNR before they make a decision about whether or not they'll allow hunting.


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