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Local Republicans reflect on the importance of the RNC


Local Republicans are watching what's happening at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. In fact, they say the RNC is something everyone should pay attention to, no matter which way you lean.

Dave Herrmeyer is among them. He remembers watching the RNC as a child.

"Starting with Barry Goldwater, I believe," Herrmeyer said.

He also recalls a time when the convention received a lot more attention from the national networks -- with wall-to-wall coverage of the event. Herrmeyer said, coverage now is different, but not diminished.

"It doesn't even wait for a person to be done with their talk. People are tweeting out comments while they're speaking yet! So the technology has changed a lot. I don't think the message really has. Just the technology and the way that it gets out," said Herrmeyer.

As Herrmeyer prepares to tune into Mitt Romney's speech Wednesday, he said he's looking to hear, and see, a person who can not only lead the party, but can lead the country.

"I'm tired of not being able to have a family reunion because you can't talk about anything without getting into an argument," said Herrmeyer.

Much like the arguments which happen at family gatherings, Herrmeyer compares the state of the country to a failing marriage or a troubled business partnership. What he wants in a president is a successful mediator.

"I'm looking for a new marriage counselor and business advisor. And I'm hoping I see that in Mitt Romney," said Herrmeyer.

As Herrmeyer watches the convention from across the country, he's thinking of more than a future president. His mind is on future generations.

"I love my grand kids, and I want them to have a better life than mine. Not a mediocre life," Herrmeyer said.

Local Republicans are hosting an open house Wednesday night at their new GOP Victory Office in honor of the convention at 4807 University Avenue in Cedar Falls. The open house starts at 5:30 p.m., followed by a RNC watch party at 7:00 p.m.

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