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Inspector finds problems at Waterloo barber shop

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A Waterloo barber shop is in some hot water with the Iowa Board of Barbering.

A state inspector recently found a number of issues at Brothaz Barber shop on 4th Street in downtown Waterloo.  One of the shop's owners says the inspector's findings were actually a welcome wake-up call.

Brothaz Barber Shop in downtown Waterloo stays busy.  But recently, the shop shut down for a time after the Iowa Board of Barbering found some problems during an inspection.

"There were some things that weren't up to code that we needed to take care of.  We changed everything they asked us to change," said Robert Byrd with Brothaz Barber Shop.

Byrd admits the shop let some things slide that it shouldn't have.  But he says now, the business' license is back up to code.  He and another barber, who had let their licenses expire, are set to be re-tested soon.

"It was just a negligence thing on our part, which we were definitely willing to correct it, you know, because like I said, we serve as not only as a barber shop, but as kind of a community hub," Byrd said.

And while it's taken some work to get back in the state's good graces, Brothaz Barber Shop says there's a lesson to be learned from its inspection issues.

"To anybody out there that's young and black and in business, stay on top of what you need to be on top of.  That way, there's no issue with you having a business, and people can't try to step on your toes and make you look bad," said Byrd.

During the inspection, the state also found unsanitary conditions in the barber shop because of the carpet flooring, which will soon be removed and replaced with tile.

Tuesday, the shop learned its settlement with the state has been finalized, requiring Brothaz to pay civil fines because of the violations.

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