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Majority of Iowa delegates support Paul at Republican National Convention


Iowa Republicans sent 28 delegates to the convention and 23 of them are supporting Ron Paul and not caucus winner Rick Santorum.

Delegates aren't bound to vote for the same person they caucused for in January. Because of this, other states see Iowa as a wild card when it comes to the national convention.

Some rule changes could be in the works and that's not making every Iowa delegate happy.

Ron Paul came in third at the Iowa Caucus, but his campaign never quit. His signs can still be seen around Black Hawk County.

Sarah Stokes, who is an alternate delegate for the Republican National Convention and Ron Paul supporter says her candidate's message is clear.

"I was drawn to him because of the message of liberty, his faithfulness to his oath of office and to the constitution," said Stokes.

As for why so many Iowa delegates switched to Paul, stokes credits his grass roots campaign.

"His campaign learned the rules, worked hard, followed the rules to the letter and prevailed," said Stokes.

According to KWWL Political Analyst Chris Larimer not everyone is happy with the switch.

"I think that's where there's a lot of frustration for members of the Republican Party and the other states, so you're seeing changes in the rules. They're trying to bind delegates to caucus night results, which is something Iowans have never had to deal with," said Larimer.

Stokes see's this as change from a caucus to a primary, which she disagrees with.

"Our founders set up a Constitutional Republic and I feel like that if we lose our caucus system it will move us further away from being a republic and closer to being a democracy which is frankly a dangerous form of government," said Stokes.

Ron Paul supporters say they understand their votes will only be symbolic, as Mitt Romney has enough delegates to win the nomination, but they feel it's a vote they have to make.

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