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SYSK: Cancer survivor uses produces to help other patients


Each Thursday afternoon 10-year-old Jared Minikus helps man a stand at the Denver Farmer's Market.

The Minikus family grows their own produce in three gardens. Everything from tomatoes to cantaloupe to beans.

The proceeds from selling this produce go to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital in Iowa City.

"All the money I raise is going to the children's hospital to help the kids," said Jared Minikus.

"When we were planting this spring he asked Mom why can't we sell some of our vegetables and take the money to Dance Marathon. When a 10-year-old asks you that, you really can't say no," said Dianna Minikus.

"Because I know how hard it is in the hospital. So I want to make it a little easier for kids in the hospital," said Minikus.

When Jared was five years old he was diagnosed with leukemia. It started when he was having trouble with his eyes.

"What happened was the leukemia cells created a tumor located behind his eyes, but in front of his brain," said Dianna Minikus.

The tumor was inoperable, but Jared underwent chemotherapy and the treatment worked. Coming up in February, he'll be in remission for five years. Now that he's better, he wants to give back.

"They were so good to me in the hospital, and I just want to return the favor to all the other kids and families," said Jared Minikus.

Besides produce, Jared also sells t-shirt bags. In about a month's time, Jared's raised $130.

"I'm very proud of Jared. It's great he wants to give back. he knows what it's like to be there. He was there for 10 months straight," said Dianna Minikus.

Jared said he doesn't like weeding, and he didn't like all the extra watering he had to do this summer, but every time he makes a sale the hard work is worth it to help as many children as possible.

The Denver Farmer's Market is open each Thursday from 4:30 to 6 p.m. It's located at the insurance office across the street from the Kwik Star in town.

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