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Spiders crawling into homes due to drought


They're creepy and crawly and creating havoc across the area.

Josh Rzepka of Enviro-Pest Solution and has had several calls from homeowners about spiders.

"We've had quite an increase for the spiders. Especially last month, July, where it was so hot we had quite an increase coming in," said Rzepka.

The recent weather events have likely lead to the increase of spiders in the home.

"The other bugs are leading them into home. There's a lack of resources outside with as hot and as dry as its been. So a lot of other bugs such as beetles, things like that are coming closer to the home. So then that brings the spiders closer to the home," said Rzepka.

However, there are steps to prevent spiders from making webs in your home.

"Reducing clutter, inspection, making sure your plants aren't touching your foundation. Leaf litter on your bushes. Keep that out of there so that they don't have a place to hide and the other bugs don't have a place to hide," Rzepka said.

Home owners aren't the only ones dealing with these 8-legged creatures.  Spider mites are eating up Iowa soybeans.

"Typically we don't do any spider mites in Iowa. This is kind of a rare pest to have and this year its mostly what we've been doing for the last several weeks," said Tim Newton, an Iowa crop duster.

Newton says he hasn't seen spider mites this bad in Iowa since the drought of 1988. And unfortunately, these mites take what the crops now need most.

"They do sap moisture from the buds, from the plant which in a dry year is a double whammy. You lose the moisture from the plant plus you have the drought to start out with. So it's a bad combination," said Newton.

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