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Second reading of traffic camera plan in Dubuque


Will traffic cameras in another Iowa city get the green light?

The cameras are already in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, & Davenport, and are on the table in Waterloo & Cedar Falls.

Monday night the debate takes center stage in Dubuque.

Protestors will gather at tonight's city council meeting to voice their opposition to the traffic enforcement cameras.  Many people want the issue to go to a vote, but Dubuque's form of government doesn't allow for referendums.

The city council meeting starts at 6:30 p.m.

Tonight will be the second of three possible readings of this ordinance.  The first reading passed in mid-July.

If tonight's reading passes, council members will vote to implement the ordinance at its third reading.

There are strong opinions on both sides of the issue.  One city council member says she just hopes people on either side have correct facts.

"On the one hand, it's great that people care so much what goes on in your city, and we certainly all promote that, but again, having the correct facts and then make a decision based on that, and then, hopefully, we'll do what's best for the city," said Joyce Connors.

Last week, the city clerk received a petition against the cameras with nearly 1,000 names.  But because people in Dubuque can't enact a referendum, the petition really just serves to quantify the opposition to the ordinance.

The Iowa Department of Transportation released guidelines effective July 1st requiring cities to file a justification report before installing red light cameras.  It also requires cities with the cameras to report yearly on the system's public safety effectiveness.

According to city information, if the cameras are implemented, the red light and speed violations caught on camera would be civil- not criminal - infractions.

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