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Counterfeit money circulating in Cedar Rapids


Cedar Rapids police are warning of a counterfeit money outbreak.

Officials have made several arrests after area businesses and banks have reported receiving fake bills.

Jason Epner reports on the steps that need to be taken to protect you from funny money.

Cedar Rapids businesses have been on alert after warnings of counterfeit currency circulating.

 "We've had three in the last two weeks and I think it's a lot higher than that in the area," said Jason Corey, Hy-Vee Assistant Manager.

Corey says his store was able to detect a counterfeit transaction Tuesday as it happened.

My cashier was able to notice from how they look and how they felt.

Rashawn Langford of Marion and Kevin Boykins of Cedar Rapids were both arrested at the Hy-Vee for trying to pass multiple fake bills.

A third person, Franklin Davis of Cedar Rapids, was arrested the day before for forgery at a different business.

It's going around in the area.  Police say they've seen more than 20 reports of counterfeit cash of late.

They are reminding businesses to be vigilant when handling money.

Police say there are many ways to detect a fraud in a five dollar or greater bill:

Look for red and blue tiny fibers embedded in the bill.

Examine the serial numbers- make sure the numbers on a bill match and the digits are aligned.

Look for a plastic security thread running from top to bottom.

When held up to light that thread should read USA followed by the bill's denomination.

Hold the bill up to light to check for watermarks and the bill's presidential portrait.

Experienced cashiers can detect a fraud by the feel of the paper.

It's that vigilance that saved Hy-Vee from falling victim to the recent criminal outbreak.

Police say most of the fake bills are of marginal quality and have a faded appearance.

Ten and twenty dollar bills have been the most common of the counterfeits during the recent criminal activity.

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