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Despite drought conditions, no shortage of water in Waterloo


Dry weather is causing a drain on the water supply in many Iowa communities. Several cities, including Des Moines, Coralville, and Belle Plaine are asking residents to cut down on their water usage.

But in some areas, the H2O is plentiful even as a quarter of the state is in the midst of an extreme drought.

Tim Robbins is the Water Production Manager for Waterloo Waterworks. He says Waterloo and Cedar Falls pump their water from an aquifer, meaning both cities have more than enough water to go around.

"We measure the water levels in the wells regularly. And we have not noticed any changes in the last, really, 20 years," he said. "We could pump a lot more water than what we are pumping and still be fine."

The city's water towers each hold about one million gallons of water. Waterloo residents use 20 times that amount each day, and could use far more if needed.

"Our capacity is 44 million. So we're no where near our capacity," said Robbins.

Waterloo residents are using 15 percent more water this month compared with July 2011, which means more revenue for Waterloo's Waterworks Department.

"The last seven years we've been down every year so this year it's kind of getting us caught up to where we should be," said Robbins.

Robbins said, knowing most people are using more water, you should expect a higher waterworks bill this quarter. If you are having trouble paying, he asks you contact them immediately to prevent them from having to cut off service.

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