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Psychics may offer leads in the search for missing Evansdale girls


Tuesday marked the end of Day 12 of the search for Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook. Law enforcement agents believe someone snatched the girls while they were riding their bikes on Friday, July 13th. But investigators still don't know who has the cousins, or where the girls are being held.

All along they've asked anyone with any information to call the tipline: 319-232-6682. Tuesday afternoon, Chief Deputy Richard Abben confirmed with us that includes people with psychic visions.

We sat down with one psychic who works on missing peoples cases, and is now working on Elizabeth and Lyric's.

"When I was in school I didn't understand algebra. I know it made sense to someone else, but it didn't to me. You may not understand my world, but it makes sense to me," said Lea Chapin.

Nineteen years ago, Chapin started listening to an inner voice. She believes it's the voice of the Holy Spirit -- a voice which speaks to anyone willing to listen.

"Do all people use it? Sometimes people do with their intuition and hunches. I just happen to focus my energy this way on helping find missing individuals," said Chapin.

In the past year, she's honed in on her ability to find missing people. Last week, she received a message about Elizabeth and Lyric.

"I have the ability, if I see it on TV, or I see it in the paper, I immediately can sense if that person is dead or alive. So I knew that the children are alive," she explained.

She also knew they were not in Meyers Lake.

"I began to see a man drive them in a car," she told KWWL.

Chapin drove from Illinois to Evansdale to share her vision with the Black Hawk County Sheriff. Chapin is just one of more than 80 psychics, mediums, and "intuitive" people with whom investigators are meeting.

"They are all giving us their opinion, no two are having the same "vision", I guess you could say," said Abben.

Abben says they are taking each vision seriously -- with the hope that one will lead them to Elizabeth and Lyric.

"There's no reason for us not to. I don't know if you have children, I do. I have four kids. I would want the same thing for my family, or your family," said Abben. "We're going to treat everybody the same and do what we can to get these girls back."

Chapin is thankful for the credence law enforcement is lending her, and she hopes her help will bring the girls home.

"These little girls' lives are on the line. And if we can all do what we can to assist... I didn't come this far to speak to the sheriff if I didn't feel I had something really valuable to share," Chapin added.

This is only one avenue investigators are exploring -- they are focusing their attention on every possible alternative. For example, Monday Abben asked for anyone who was on the lake on the 13th to contact them. They met with several of those people today, and continue to ask anyone with information about Elizabeth or Lyric's whereabouts to come forward, or call the tipline at 319-232-6682.

Investigators are no longer holding daily news briefings with the media -- from here on out they will contact us only if something new develops.

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