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Evansdale Mayor reacts to missing cousins search


It's not uncommon to see missing posters up around the Cedar Valley and Eastern Iowa.

After hearing the FBI say they have evidence supporting that the Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Morrissey are alive, many are holding onto hope they will return home safe.

The mayor said he received a phone call from the police chief on Friday the 13th saying they had recovered two bikes on the bike trail, but no girls.

Since then it seems like everyone in the city has been working overtime to find the two cousins.

It's all adding up in city budget, but Mayor Chad Deutsch says that doesn't matter. What matters is finding the girls.

"There is some things not budgeted for or planned for, however in a case like this it doesn't matter. We, however, are going to do what we have to do. All city resources are available to this first and we will deal with the budget when we bring some resolve to it," said Deutsch.

On Friday FBI dive teams confirmed the girls are not in the lake, in fact this case is now being treated as an abduction.

Mayor Deutsch had this to say to the abductor.

"There is no better time than to stand up for somebody then for two little kids that are innocent of anything. The families, the torment that you are putting them through. The community, the nation. Think about those things and just please return them," said Deutsch.

Mayor Deutsch also said this is a time for parents to keep a close eye on their kids, but says Evansdale is still safe.

The mayor also said all law enforcement working with this situation is second to none. He says there have been a lot of man power and technology used in the last few weeks. It's all in hopes to get these girls home.

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