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Gun laws questioned in light of Colorado theater shooting


As has happened after other mass shootings, this tragedy has thrust gun laws into the national spotlight.

Authorities in Colorado say the weapons found at the scene of the shooting were purchased legally from gun stores in the last two months, plus nearly 7,000 rounds bought online also legally.

Both the rifle and 100-round magazine found at the scene *would have* been illegal under the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004.

In Iowa, you fill out an application at the county sheriff's office.  You're subject to a background check, and if you pass, you can get a permit to buy weapons.

Then you can apply for a permit to carry those weapons.

Unfortunately, those background checks can't uncover everything about a person, like a history of mental illness or if someone is *planning* to commit a crime.

"If we feel uncomfortable that that person is unstable, addicted to marijuana, alcohol, if they look like they're twitching. Then, it's a no sale. I don't even want you in my store," said Randy Fulton of R&K Arms Gun Shop.

Some gun right supporters say the real problem lies when one private party sells to another private party and no background checks are involved.

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