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RAGBRAI begins in Sioux Center


RAGBRAI, The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, kicked off Sunday in Sioux Center.
Thousands of riders are making their way across the state this week.
Sunday, riders are traveled 54.4 miles and climbed a little more than 1500 feet.
Even with the night lights out over the town of Sioux Center, Iowa, the first RAGBRAI riders emerge from the shadows to begin their weeklong journey.
"We're just going to get out of bed early and see what the weather brings us," said Andrew Adams of Land O' Lakes, Wisc. 
With heat indices expected to hover around 100 degrees, many riders said getting ready and starting early would help them endure...and enjoy their journey more. 
"This is my second year, so I'm not a rookie any more, supposed to be," said Adams. 
There still are several first-timers making the ride. 
"I'm excited, a little anxious but excited," said Susan Fletcher, a rookie rider. "Don't know what I've gotten myself into."
For some, the ride is a personal challenge to beat their best times, but others are doing it to spend time with their family. Bill Meacham's second trip is with his son and daughter. 
"We're going to be moseying across Iowa," said Bill Meacham. We're not going to break any speed records."
During the first 55 mile opening leg of RAGBRAI, most riders will be on their bikes for about five hours, but the quickest ones can finish in about half that time.  
Even those just watching the race, are having a great time, as the cyclists breeze past them. 
"They've had a lot of fun with it, just discovering new people and ways and being amazed by everybody in town," said Brent DeGroom of Sioux Center. 
There are some simple lessons the riders have learned over the years.
"Drink before you're thirsty, eat before you're hungry and pace yourself. It's not a race. We're just enjoying Iowa along the way," said Greg Hauswirth, a second-time rider. 
And some moments can bring families even closer, as they're rounding the corners...as one. 
Learning to experience life and know that you can do things that you didn't think were possible, it's just incredible and Iowa's wonderful," said Meacham. 
Monday's route is 62 miles from Cherokee to Lake View.
Riders will have a climb of a little more than 2000 feet.


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