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SYSK: 73-year-old powerlifter and sprinter Jim Ites


Six times a week, you'll find Jim Ites working out. Three days a week, he's powerlifting, which he started in 1989.

"My son took me to a powerlifting meet in Des Moines, and I thought I could do that, so I started," said Jim Ites.

The other three days he's sprinting, which he started in 2003.

"I've always loved running fast, so I decided I'm going to start sprinting," said Ites.

At age 73, Jim said he's always training. So far, he's competed in five Senior Olympics, winning several gold medals.

His record dead lift is about 500 pounds and his top bench press is 350 pounds!

And we can't forget about his "day" job. Jim Ites is the pastor at Cornerstone Fellowship. Leading the church since 1982.

At The Gym in Cedar Falls, Jim trains with 12-year-old Makenzie Nichols, getting her ready for track.

The two do powerlifting and then move to the treadmill for sprint training.

First they warm up, work their way up in speed and then each sprint at 17 miles per hour!

But they're not done yet. Jim raises the incline on the treadmill. He calls this the "blessed" leg of the workout, when it's really more like torture, according to Makenzie.

Jim calls Makenzie Big "G" for Big Gold believing she's good enough to one day make it to the Olympics.

"I said you could be the fastest female sprinter in the world. If not you, who then? And why not?" said Ites.

Attitude is big with Jim Ites living by the Bible verse, "As you believe, it's done to you." He believes anybody can do what he does.

"Jesus never put limits on humans. Humans do that on themselves," he said.

You can see Jim Ites and others in action on Sunday, July 29th during his annual Birthday Strength Show.

The show is at 5:30 p.m. at Cornerstone Fellowship Church at 2723 Viking Place in Cedar Falls.

You can also learn more about Jim on YouTube by searching "Strength Beyond Belief."

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