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Local theatres review security policies after Colorado shooting


This weekend it's business as usual at movie theaters in Eastern Iowa but after the tragic events that happened at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater in the early hours of Friday morning theaters, if nothing else, are being a little more watchful of suspicious behavior.

Many in Eastern Iowa were shocked to hear reports of Friday's Colorado shooting.

"You wouldn't think that would happen any a movie theater. I don't know where you would actually have it. It shouldn't happen," said Ray Heasty of Alburnett.  

"Scary feeling, you can't even go to a movie anymore without something bad happening," said   Lee Rouse. Rouse and his family from Atkins are spending part of their Saturday at a movie.  He says he has since become a little more aware of his surroundings.

"Make sure you pay attention to where you're at and what's going on."

Friday morning's horrific events have caught the attention of many in the business. "It makes us more aware of what we need to do and making sure we're doing everything we're supposed to," said Julie Peterson, the supervisor at Collins Road Theater in Marion.   

Owners of Collins Road Theaters in Marion are part of the National Association of Theater Owners, theater workers say they've been told the organization is in the process of evaluating security recommendations for its members.

"They're working with the Department of Homeland Security right now to come up with appropriate reactions on how to deal with stuff like this when it happens," Peterson said.

Other theaters have since made their security policies more clear, like the Marcus owned Sycamore Mall theater in Iowa City which has posted a sign on its entrance doors forbidding backpacks.

Mindframe Theaters in Dubuque say they have no major changes in the works and they'll continue to enforce already tight security measures.

While businesses in Iowa continue to work to ensure safety, many customers we spoke with see Friday's shooting as an isolated incident and will not let it deter their normal behavior.

"You can't let some things that happen change what you do, you've still gotta have fun in life," Rouse said.  


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