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Heat impacting nuclear power in Iowa


The heat is also impacting nuclear power plants.

The temperatures have forced the Quad Cities nuclear power plant to ask the State of Illinois for permission to ease a regulation, allowing it to release a higher temperature of water into rivers and lakes.

The water the plant is taking from the river is already warmer than usual and after its used to cool down equipment it goes back into the river one degree warmer than the initial temperature.

The water temperature is a concern because if the temperature is too high the hot water could kill the fish and other aquatic life.  But it's also a time when there is a lot of demand for the power the plant produces.

The grid itself is challenged with meeting the demands of customers throughout America, not only the Midwest

"it comes down to a choice of ensuring that we can provide electric service to customers in northern Illinois and eastern Iowa and protecting the Mississippi River," said a power plant spokesperson.

He added that the plant takes protecting the Mississippi seriously. But without the higher temperature limits, the plant would have to cut back on power production, potentially causing problems down the line.

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