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Missing girls story gaining national support


The reach of this search for two girls in Evansdale has gone far beyond the Cedar Valley. It has gone from Facebook and Twitter, to missing person posters, to the national media. The story of these two missing girls from Evansdale has gone nationwide, and reportedly even overseas.

Tuesday authorities had no new information in their search for Elizabeth Collins, and Lyric Cook.  The last time anyone say them was Friday afternoon.

Authorities say their investigation has come to a stall, as Meyers Lake continues to drain.   There are pink ribbons wrapped around trees, missing posters in local businesses, and a passionate group of journalists eager to tell this story.

Tuesday afternoon Lyric Cooks parents spoke of the hard times they are facing without their daughter.

"It's hard actually at night time it is the hardest.  It starts to get dark and people start going home and there seems to be a lot more time to just be on your own and think and that's probably the hardest time. So sometimes we come down here and walk around by ourselves, sit on the porch. So yeah, it's hard," said Misty Cook-Morrissey.

The support for these two girls grows everyday. Creative Impact Company in Evansdale has been making buttons with the Lyric's and Elizabeth's pictures. They are giving them away with a free-will donation, which will go to the families.

Owners Steve and Linda Wachal say it's the least they could do.

"Our community is such a great community and everybody has gotten on the bandwagon so to speak, putting it out on Facebook, we've go the national news coverage coming in... It's just wonderful to see the outpouring of support," said Linda Wachal.

Wachal say it's all an effort to make the biggest impact.

"Bring them home. Just bring them home safe," said Wachal.

And this out pouring of support is not lost on this family.

"People that have joined such as friends, family, people we don't know, the entire community, the surrounding areas it's just wonderful, ya know. People do want to help and they do care. We're extremely grateful and if it was somebody else's child we'd be there for them as well," said Cook-Morrissey.

Just a little earlier Tuesday night more pink ribbons appeared in Waterloo as students and parents tied ribbons at Kingsley Elementary.

Lyric's parents say she would be amazed by the outpouring of support and they hope she will get to see it soon.

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