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Republicans respond to Obama's visit


A group of about two dozen Republicans were in the foreground of those filing into Cedar Hall at Kirkwood Community College Tuesday afternoon, just before President Obama addressed supporters. 

They say Obama's not being truthful about his record on jobs, and that Mitt Romney is the solution to improving the American economy.

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus is drawing attention to what he calls "Obamanomics".  The GOP claims President Obama has failed when it comes to job creation, and in fact, has done what he accuses Mitt Romney of: outsourcing jobs, but with federal stimulus money.

"Millions of dollars wasted, jobs gone, opportunities squandered," Priebus said.

As for the president's call for extending middle class tax cuts, Republicans say it's not enough--tax breaks should be expanded further.

"We need to create an economic environment where small business can thrive, get government out of the way, lower small business' burdens, so they can hire more people and they can make money and live the American dream," said Priebus.

Fervent Mitt Romney supporters say that message should resonate with Iowans, pushing those undecided over the line. 

"You look at this president's record, we don't need another four years of this misery.  That's the message we have to bring," Priebus said.

Those gathered for the GOP rally at Kirkwood Community College are confident that come November, voters will elect new leadership.

"People are motivated.  People are out there working, going door to door in 100 degree heat, and we're going to win this race," said Deborah Thornton with the Johnson County Republicans.

As the president talked tax cuts Tuesday, the Republicans gathered outside of course also talked healthcare, and how they see the healthcare reform law as a tax increase.

Wednesday, Republicans are set to vote on a "Repeal Obamacare" measure in the House.

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