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The grass is always greener at this Waterloo office!


When you hear the phrase "the grass is always greener on the other side", it's possible that Scott Parsons' lawn is the one you're thinking of.

"Well, you know, I get a lot of compliments. A lot of my customers compliment me on how nice the lawn looks, and my neighbors compliment me on how nice it looks," said Parsons.

It used to be, all summer long, Parsons would spend a few hours each week mowing, watering, or weeding the small lawn in front of his office.

"It's so small, so I didn't have a gas lawn mower. I used a reel mower, just pushed the reel mower to keep maintenance," said Parsons.

This spring, he said, no more. Parsons found an artificial turf distributor online, and after comparing prices and products, purchased a roll of synthetic grass.

We happened to catch Parsons in the process of tearing up his old landscaping in March. He decided to tackle the project himself, and by doing so, kept costs extremely low.

Now, as the weather heats up, he's able to kick back and reap the rewards.

"Definitely, with not having to hire somebody to mow or doing the mowing myself, saving on the water, it's quite the good deal. I expect to be able to pay myself back in a year or two," he said.

Other than a few weeds popping up, the turf is virtually maintenance-free. And with the recent heat wave, the decision to go "faux" is priceless.

"Not being out here today, or the past couple weeks, no watering, no mowing, it has been great. Cause it is just really hot out here!" he said.

Studies show, artificial turf can save you a significant amount of money on your water bill. The Southern Nevada Water Authority estimates every square foot of grass you replace saves 55 gallons of water each year..

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