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Old virus may cause new problems


An old computer virus may create new problems across Iowa and the United States starting Monday. Thousands could lose their Internet if the proper steps are not taken.

It's called the DNSChanger malware virus and it first infected millions of computers back in 2007. The FBI captured the criminals and managed to set up a temporary fix with a private company for the last few years. But on July 9th, the contract is up and the fix will be shut down.

It is believed more than 60,000 computers may be infected by this DNSChanger across the US. And you likely wouldn't know if your computer is infected or not until July 9th when you will be unable to access the Internet.

"When they go to type in a web site, they won't be able to find the address. And it's just not going to display a web page," said Cory Vieth, owner of Computer Troubleshooters in Waterloo.

If you have the virus on your computer, it also could have brought in other viruses that would be harmful to your computer says Vieth.

Luckily there is an easy way to determine if your computer is at risk. The FBI has set up an online site: www.dns-ok.us. If your computer is infected, visit www.dcwg.org/fix or see your local computer technician.

"Basically what we recommend is just to get the computer completely cleaned out because if you had the infection you could have other viruses in there that would be harmful to your computer," Vieth said. 

Officials at both Mediacom and Cedar Falls Utilities are expecting little effect on their customers. But if you do lose Internet service July 9th, contact your Internet service provider.

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