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Iowa State Patrol speaks about "Move Over" law


Every time Trooper Mark Sigwarth with the Iowa State Patrol pulls over a vehicle he is putting his life in danger.

"I can't look at 360 degrees around me. I have to rely on the general public to do what they are suppose to do," said Sigwarth.

What you are suppose to do is move over when you see the emergency lights. If you don't you could pay a hefty fine.

"Bodily injury is occurred whether it is myself or someone else at the scene it's going to be a $500 fine. If death occurs it's going to be $1,000."

The Iowa Department of Transportation shall also suspend the license of anyone found guilty of violating the "Move Over, Slow Down" law.

"Comes down to we are getting hit out here. It's ridiculous. We are getting hit out here."

While KWWL was out at a stop with Trooper Sigwarth we noticed multiple vehicles did not pull over, from semis to even school buses.

One vehicle pulled over simply said he didn't see the two flashing state patrol vehicles in front of him.

"I find that very disturbing and it's very scary," said Trooper Sigwarth.

For Trooper Sigwarth it is scary, because he has been hit before on the scene.

"I was on the shoulder. My lights were flashing there was no one else out there just me and the person I stopped and she found me," said Sigwarth.

Back in 2004 at one in the morning Sigwarth was struck by an 18-year-old drunk driver. He was hurt so bad for 16 months after he wasn't able to do his job.

"Slow down, move over, pay attention to those lights. They are there for a reason. It's some sort of emergency. Please give us the space to do our job," said Sigwarth.

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